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The Shell is the most popular icing technique of all. It’s the basis for many borders, fleurs de lis and more. Lift the tip only slightly when piping to avoid a bumpy look.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Decorate with: Star tip 21 and medium consistency icing. Hold bag at 45° at 6:00, with tip slightly above the surface.

Step 2

Squeeze hard, letting icing fan out generously as it forces the tip up

Step 3

Gradually relax pressure as you lower tip. Pull the bag toward you until tip reaches the surface. Relax pressure and pull tip along the surface to form a point.

Step 4

To make a shell border, start your next shell so that the fanned end just covers the tail of the preceding shell to form a chain.

Step 5

Hint: Lift the tip only slightly when piping, to avoid a bumpy look.