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Creating Color Effects

Use food-safe Wilton Pearl Dust and Color Dust to brush or paint hints of contrasting color on your decorations.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Pearl Dust and Color Dust are used to brush color on gum paste or fondant designs. You can use a brush to paint wet or apply dry. For fine detail, a small round head brush works best. For larger areas, use a wider, flatter brush.

Brushing dry onto your flowers or details creates a softer look. Painting with a mixture of Pearl Dust or Color Dust and Pure Lemon Extract creates a more vivid look.

Step 2

To make a “paint”: In a small bowl, mix equal parts Pearl or Color Dust and lemon extract. Dissolve the dust completely into extract before painting. Since the extract can evaporate quickly, mix small amounts of paint at a time and use immediately.

Some projects may take more than one coat of “paint” for even coverage. Let each coat dry completely before starting a new one.