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Serenity by the Sea Castle Cake

Set imaginations soaring with a simply constructed “life’s a brown-sugar beach” cake. Build the castle with two stacked 6 in. Round Pan cakes and components from our Romantic Castle Cake Set.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult



Step 1

One to two days in advance, make fondant seashells, beach ball, sailboat and prepare castle pieces. To make 40 seashells, blend 3 oz. each: medium peach-tinted fondant, light peach-tinted fondant and white fondant to a marbleized look. Press fondant into cornstarch-dusted molds. Unmold and let dry. Brush seashells with White Pearl Dust™.

Step 2

To prepare castle pieces, you will need 1 door, 4 windows, 3 small turret towers and turret peaks and 3 medium turret towers and turret peaks. Paint all pieces with thinned down royal icing and cover with granulated brown sugar; let dry.

Step 3

To make sailboat: Roll fondant 1/8 in. thick, cut out white boat and cut bottom part of boat in red fondant. Attach bottom to boat with damp brush. Cut 1/8 in. wide x 1/8 in. thick strip of red fondant and attach to sail with damp brush.

Step 4

To make beach ball: Roll white fondant 1/8 in. thick and cut with round cutter. Use pattern to cut red, green, blue and yellow fondant portions and attach to ball with damp brush. Set sailboat and ball on cornstarch-dusted surface to dry. When completely dry, attach lollipop sticks to backs with royal icing; let dry.

Step 5

Bake and cool 2-layer 6 in. round cake and 1-layer oval (16 1/2 x 12 3/8 x 2 in.) cake. Ice cakes smooth in buttercream icing.

Step 6

Cover top and sides of 6 in. round cakes with granulated brown sugar. Position round cake slight off centered to left on oval cake. Spatula ice 2/3 of cake top with icing and sprinkle with granulated brown sugar for sand. Carefully ice remaining 1/3 of cake top with blue-tinted piping gel.

Step 7

Insert turret tower according to package directions. Position boat and ball. Pipe tip 32 shell bottom border and position shells.