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Wide World Of Cupcakes!

Variety is the spice of the party! Serve cupcakes in colors of the rainbow, topped with some of the most popular decorating techniques. Give cupcakes an even brighter spotlight when you present them in the Display Your Way Adjustable Tower, with an open center you can fill with fun decorative accents.
Makes: 24 cupcakes.
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Step 1

Icing Colors Tinted:
Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint icing in the following shades:

? Bright and Bold Red (formula 185): 2 cups icing + 36 R
? Spring Purple (formula 252): 2 cups icing + 15 P + 1 B
? Light Purple (formula 270): 2 cups icing + 3 P + 1B
? Spring Green (formula 360): 2 cups icing + 15 Y + 3 B
? Winter Blue (formula 647): 2 cups icing + 25 B + 8 R + 4 P
? Bright and Bold Teal (formula 3262): 2 cups icing + 8 B + 2 Y
? Bright and Bold Yellow (formula 109): 2 cups icing + 16 O + 2 R
? Spring Orange (formula 1375): 2 cups icing + 18 Y + 5 O + 2 C

Step 2

Bake and cool 24 cupcakes.

Step 3

Prepare icing. Tint icing following color formulas.

Step 4

Decorate cupcakes. Use tip, cut disposable decorating bag and desired shades of icing to decorate as follows:

For red and blue cupcakes, use tip 1M to cover cupcake top with rosettes.

For purple cupcakes, use tip 4B to cover cupcake top with stars.

For green cupcakes, use tip 126 to cover cupcake top with three rows of petals.

For yellow cupcakes, use tip 126 to cover cupcake top with an upright swirl.

For orange cupcakes, use tip 104 to pipe a tri-level rosebud on cupcake top.

Step 5

Display cupcakes. Assemble stand and position cupcakes.

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Color Right Performance Color System ((see Colors Tinted below))


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Buttercream Icing Recipe ((3 cups icing makes 24 cupcakes))

Favorite cupcake mix or recipe ((6 cups batter makes 24 cupcakes))



Rainbow Multi-Colored Baking Cups ((purple, green, blue, orange used))


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In Stock (ships in 1-2 business days)


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In Stock (ships in 1-2 business days)


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This fantasy flower covers your cupcakes with amazing texture. Build petals in groups of three vertical petals to create an elongated multi-layered blossom.

Learn how to pipe beautiful rosettes, big and small, to add charming floral accents. Rosettes are a great way to create quick decorations. Different tips create different “petal” effects. Rosettes can be used to add a simple floral accent to a dessert or to cover a cake or cupcake.

One of the most popular techniques, stars come in a range of sizes and styles. Experiment with open and closed stars for variation in look. The star technique is timeless and can be used as a classic border or as a stunning fill-in for the top of a dessert.

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