Item# WLPROJ-2455

Teddy Bear Cake

Item No. WLPROJ-2455
Prep Time
2 hr 30 min
Skill Level
Total Time
3 hr 30 min

Learning how to make an adorable bear cake is easier than you think. Using the right Teddy Bear Cake is key to getting off to a good start. Once you’ve baked your favorite mix or recipe, have fun piping all of the cute furry features with delicious buttercream frosting and a grass tip. Add a pink heart for an adorable finishing touch. Serve this heartfelt cake for valentine’s day, birthdays, or anytime you want to say, “I love you”.



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  • 1 box cake mix or 4 – 5 cups of cake batter
  • Creamy White Decorator Icing, 4 lb. Tub
  • Black Icing Color
  • Brown Icing Color
  • Red-Red Icing Color
  • Royal Icing Color
  • Cake Release Non Stick Pan Spray


List of ingredients that you can add to your cart by selecting and then choosing "Add Selected to Cart"
  • Teddy Bear Cake Pan
  • Cooling Grid
  • Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 5
  • Round Decorating Tip 3
  • Specialty Decorating Tip 233
  • Round Decorating Tip 4
  • Round Decorating Tip 2
  • 9 inch Tapered Spatula



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  • Notes:

    - Use a pastry brush to help spread the non-stick spray into the corners of the pan. This will sharpen the detailed outlines of the cake. - The teddy bear cake pan holds about 4-5 cups of batter or 1 box of cake mix. - Allow the cake to cool in the pan on a cooling rack about 10-15 minutes before removing to prevent cracking or breaking. Let the cake cool for about 2 hours before decorating.

    How To

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    The grass tip creates the most celebrated, easily accomplished decorations! The serrated edges of the grass tip makes ridges in the icing as you squeeze it out. Our step-by-step video shows you how!

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