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Rosy Mother's Day Cake

Item No. WLPROJ-8900
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Nothing says "I love you" like a homemade cake, and what better way to show mom what she means to you than with this Rosy Mother's Day Cake? Topped with beautiful buttercream flowers and decorated with pink and purple candy shards, this lovely Mother's Day dessert is bound to be one edible arrangement mom will love! Layer icing colors in your decorating bags to make your roses look like they're actually blooming, and get ready to wow with this Rosy Mother's Day Cake.



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  • Pink Candy Melts Candy
  • Bright Pink Candy Melts Candy
  • Garden Tone 4-Icing Colors Set
  • Bright White Candy Melts Candy
  • Ready-To-Use White Decorator Icing - 1 lb. Can
  • Ivory Icing Color, 1 oz.
  • Violet Icing Color, 1 oz. Gel Food Coloring
  • Burgundy Icing Color, 1 oz.
  • Purple Candy Melts Candy
  • Moss Green Icing Color, 1 oz.
  • White Decorator Icing - 4.5 lb.
  • Favorite Cake Mix or Recipe


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  • 1.5 Inch Flower Nail No7
  • Large Round Tip 2A
  • Cake Icing Smoother
  • Open Star Decorating Tip 14 Carded
  • Recipe Right Large Non-Stick Baking Pan, 17.2 x 11.5-Inch
  • Black Angled Icing Spatula, 9-Inch
  • 12-Inch Disposable Cake Decorating Bags, 50-Count Pastry Bags
  • 10 x 16 Chrome-Plated Cooling Rack
  • Leaf Tip 352
  • Pre-cut Icing Flower Making Squares
  • Aluminum Round Cake Pan, 6 x 3-Inch
  • Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 1M
  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 3
  • Petal Cake Decorating Tip 104
  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 12
  • Knife
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Flower Nail Templates



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