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North Pole Cottage Gingerbread House

Item No. WLPROJ-8807
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You don't need a lot of materials to create a cute gingerbread house with the family. With just a gingerbread house kit and a few icing pouches, you can make this festive North Pole Cottage Gingerbread House that's sure to be a sweet treat for kids and adults of all ages. This is a fun project for anyone who is new to gingerbread house decorating and, since you need very few supplies, this makes a great project for a young family to do together. So turn off the TV, gather the family together this holiday season and start a new family tradition with this festive and fun DIY gingerbread house!



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  • Green Icing Pouch with Tips
  • Red Icing Pouch with Tips
  • Ready to Decorate Gingerbread House Decorating Kit



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    Buttercream Rope
    Buttercream Rope

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    How to Pipe a Zig Zag

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