Item# WLPROJ-9550

Lovely Lilac Flower Cake

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Item# WLPROJ-9550

Lovely Lilac Flower Cake

Item No. WLPROJ-9550
Prep Time
13 hr 40 min
Skill Level
Total Time
4 hr 10 min

You can almost smell the flowers with this pretty purple lilac cake. It’s just a little rustic, with purple swirls accenting the natural look of the flowers, making it perfect for weddings, birthdays and spring gatherings. While you’re making the royal icing lilacs, we recommend making extra in case of breakage--or if you just love lilacs!



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  • Favorite cake mix or recipe
  • Creamy White Decorator Icing -4lb
  • Royal Icing Recipe
  • Violet Icing Color
  • Rose Icing Color
  • Pink Icing Color
  • Royal Blue Icing Color
  • Ivory Icing Color
  • Moss Green Icing Color
  • Juniper Green Icing Color
  • Leaf Green Icing Color


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  • 8 x 3 in. Round Cake Pan
  • Cooling grid
  • Petal Decorating Tip 59s
  • Round Decorating Tip 3
  • Open Star Tip 32
  • How to Pipe Simple Icing Flowers Decorating Kit (Tip 352, Disposable Decorating Bags, Flower Nail, Flower Squares and Couplers used)
  • Standard Coupler Set
  • Icing Smoother
  • 13 in. Angled Spatula
  • 9 in. Angled Spatula
  • High and Low Cake Turntable
  • 10x14 Rectangular Cake Board
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  • Notes:

    Total time includes drying time for royal icing flowers.

    How To

    step 5 of piping a buttercream lilac flower
    How to Pipe a Lilac Flower

    Nothing says spring like lilacs! Pipe life-like, tiny lilac blossoms in royal icing and attach them in clusters over an elongated shell-shaped base. Crown the top of a cake with a branch of lilacs or make delicately decorated lilac cupcakes. They’ll be the perfect centerpiece for your next spring shower or brunch.

    How to Make a Flower with a Petal Tip
    How to Make Petal Tip Flowers

    Whether creating small or large blossoms, petal tips are essential for creating lifelike flowers with great dimension.

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