How to Pipe a Pansy

The vibrant pansy features petals in complementary colors and a distinctive loop center. They can be multi-colored or all one color. Add multi-tones using a striped bag or by painting in colors at the flower's center or at the petal edge with a fine brush dipped in a small amount of lemon extract tinted with icing color.
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Step 1

Tint 1¼ cups medium consistency icing color of your choice. Tint remaining 1¼ cups icing another color of your choice. Reserve small amount icing for flower centers. Tint small amount icing desired color. If one color is desired, tint most icing same color, reserving small amount for center of flowers.

Step 2

Fit decorating bag with petal decorating tip 104 and fill ½ full with first color icing. Fit second decorating bag with petal decorating tip 104 and fill ½ full with second colored icing. Reserve icing for center of flower for later step.

Step 3

Using dot of icing, attach icing flower to flower nail.

Step 4

Hold bag with first color at 45 degree angle with wide end of tip lightly touching center of the nail and narrow end pointing out. Pipe two back petals, squeezing and moving tip out to edge of nail. Turn nail ¼ turn slowly while squeezing. Relax pressure as you move back to center of nail, allowing the movement of the nail to form the first petal. Stop squeezing; pull tip away. Repeat to form second back petal.

Step 5

With decorating bag still at 45 degree angle, position bag so wide end of tip lightly touches back petal at the center of the flower. Raising the narrow end of the tip slowly, pipe a smaller flower petal on top of the first. Repeat to form second front petal.

Step 6

For bottom petal, rotate flower 180 degrees to work on open portion of nail. Hold bag with second color at 45 degree angle with wide end of tip lightly touching the center of the nail and narrow end pointing out. Squeeze out a single bottom petal that equals the width of the two back petals, using a slight back and forth hand motion for a ruffled effect.

Step 7

For flower center, prepare decorating bag with tip 1 and reserved icing. Hold bag with tip at 90 degree angle to the center of the flower nail. Pip a tip 1 string loop center onto the bottom single petal.

Step 8

Remove flower on flower square from flower nail. For a more natural shape, place in the large concave portion of the Wave Flower Former to dry overnight.

Step 9

Helpful Hints: Make your pansy petals multi-toned by using a striped decorating bag or combine two colors together in the same bag for a marbled look.

If you’re using one color or a striped or marbled bag, you only need to prepare one bag with tip 104.

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Royal Icing (medium consistency, buttercream will also work)

Icing color

Icing color ((1-2 Petal colors + Lemon Color for flower loop/center)



Tip: 104 ((two needed if making a 2-toned Pansy))


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Tip: 1 (Round Tip)


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Pre-Cut Icing Flower Squares (parchment or waxed paper squares)


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Coupler ((if one of the petal colors is yellow))

Disposable Decorating Bags

Disposable Decorating Bags

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