Garden of Flowers Cupcakes

Bold blue, orange and pink icing make these cupcakes a treat for all the senses! Commonly known as the rose tip, decorating tip 127 can also be used to create several other flowers. Mix and match these common icing techniques to put together a garden of edible flowers that are great for any spring celebration.
Makes: 24 Cupcakes
Skill Level: None

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Step 1

NEEDED: See the Supply List for items you can purchase here. Also check out the Techniques tab for decorating styles you will use. You will also need:

  • Your favorite cake mix or recipe (4-1/2 to 5 cups batter needed)
  • 3 mixing bowls

Step 2

Bake and cool cupcakes. Use your favorite cake mix or recipe to make 4-1/2 to 5 cups of batter. Bake and cool cupcakes.

Step 3

Make icing. Divide 8 cups of icing equally among three bowls. Tint following color combinations:

  • Combine Orange and Burgundy icing colors to get orange icing shown
  • Combine Burgundy and Ivory icing colors to get pink icing shown
  • Combine Sky Blue, Ivory and Black icing colors to get blue icing shown

Step 4

Decorate cupcakes. Prepare three decorating bags with tip #127 and fill each with tinted icing. Then try these decorating techniques:

1. Party Flower Cupcake: With narrow end of tip up and wide end touching edge of cupcake, use loose zigzag technique to pipe icing towards center. Repeat six times around cupcake.

2. Petunia Cupcake: Using petunia technique, position bag at 45-degree angle with wide end of tip touching surface. Squeeze bag, moving tip to outer edge. Turn cupcake and jiggle to form ruffle, releasing pressure as you bring tip back towards center to starting point. Stop squeezing and pull away. Repeat for five more petals around cupcake.

3. Scroll Cupcake: Position bag so tip is parallel to surface, with tip facing towards center of cupcake. Starting 1/4 inch from edge of cupcake, pipe out and away from edge, then up and over towards center of cupcake, overlapping icing as you come to center. Continue around entire cupcake.

4. Precious Rose Cupcake: Using rose technique, pipe rose on cupcake. Use tip #127 to pipe center cone of rose.

5. Orange Blossom Cupcake: Using apple blossom technique, pipe five petals around entire cupcake.

6. Blue Daisy Cupcake: Using daisy technique, pipe petals around entire cupcake.

7. Spiral Cupcake: With bag at 45-degree angle and narrow end of tip at edge of cupcake and wide end touching surface, pipe swirl on cupcake to cover.

8. Flat Petal Cupcake: Hold bag at 90-degree angle, with narrow end of tip facing center of cupcake and wide end on edge of cupcake. Squeeze bag, applying steady, even pressure, moving toward center of cupcake. Stop squeezing and pull away. Repeat around edge of cupcake. Pipe second row of flat petals in center.

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For proper spacing of Petunia petals, try this trick. Pipe tip 103 dots of icing on top of lily nail, dividing in 5ths. Visualize the points of a star. Pipe each petal centered over its dot.

The Zigzag is a popular way to fill in outlined areas, perfect for ribbed sweater and cuff effects. You can also use tight zigzags to cover the entire side of your cake—they look great!

Create this magnificent rose - the most popular icing flower of them all. With practice, your roses will have the just-picked look of real fresh garden roses!

Try some fun color combinations: yellow petals with yellow or blue centers, violet or blue petals with yellow centers and peach petals with orange centers. Highlight centers with Wilton Cake Sparkles, or colored sugars.

This 5-petal springtime flower, most commonly seen in white or soft pink, is virtually the same petal shape as the wild rose, but uses a smaller tip creating a petite flower. The dot stamen are typically positioned like the holes in a 5-hole button. Dry them on flower formers for a more natural look.

8 Ways to Decorate Cupcakes with Tip 127
Watch: 8 Ways to Decorate Cupcakes with Tip 127

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