Item# WLPROJ-7972

Floral Basketweave Cake

Item No. WLPROJ-7972
12 Servings
Skill Level

Lovely blooms in soft shades of green sit prettily atop a cake decorated using the basketweave icing technique. Serve this cake for Mother's Day or any spring or summertime celebration. Learn how to pipe a basketweave and other great decorating techniques by signing up for The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 2.



List of ingredients that you can add to your cart by selecting and then choosing "Add Selected to Cart"


List of ingredients that you can add to your cart by selecting and then choosing "Add Selected to Cart"
  • Lily Nail Set 8 Piece
  • Foil Wrappers
  • food-safe scissors
  • 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags
  • Large Leaf Cake Decorating Tip 366
  • Open Star Decorating Tip 14 Carded
  • Decorator Brush Set
  • Lily Stamen Set
  • Flower Nail Templates
  • 1.5 Inch Flower Nail No7
  • Pre-cut Icing Flower Making Squares
  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 12
  • Petal Cake Decorating Tip 104
  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 1
  • Wave Flower Former Set
  • Double Roll Parchment Paper
  • Cake Board
  • #101 Petal Piping Tip
  • 6 in. x 2 in. Round Pan
  • Cake Leveler, Small, 10-Inch
  • Decorator Preferred 11 Inch Straight Spatula
  • Cake Dividing Chart
  • Toothpick
  • Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 18
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  • How To

    How to Make an Icing Rosebud
    How to Make an Icing Rosebud

    Finish your petit fours or cupcakes with one pretty rosebud. Made in buttercream, this flat flower can be piped directly on a cake in your favorite colors. Or make them ahead using royal icing. On cakes, use the rosebud as an accent or in a floral spray bouquet.

    Rosebud With Side Petals
    Rosebud With Side Petals

    The Half Rose is really a rosebud with two side petals. You can also give your half roses a fuller look by adding two or three more side petals.

    Royal Icing Lily
    Royal Icing Lily

    The Lily looks best when petals are more pointed. If petals split while piping, slightly widen tip with a thin spatula. Or, add a teaspoon of piping gel to 1 cup stiff royal icing.

    How to Pipe a Buttercream Pansy
    How to Pipe a Pansy

    The vibrant pansy features petals in complementary colors and a distinctive loop center. They can be multi-colored or all one color. Add multi-tones using a striped bag or by painting in colors at the flower's center or at the petal edge with a fine brush dipped in a small amount of lemon extract tinted with icing color.

    How to Pipe a Basketweave
    How to Pipe a Basketweave

    This technique turns any treat into beautiful baskets. Perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, bridal or any Spring and summertime theme. This technique creates a two-dimensional woven-look design. Use for baskets, fences, or to completely cover the side of a cake.

    How to Pipe a Star
    How to Pipe a Star

    One of the most popular techniques, stars come in a range of sizes and styles. Experiment with open and closed stars for variation in look. The star technique is timeless and can be used as a classic border or as a stunning fill-in for the top of a dessert.

    How to Pipe Apple Blossoms
    How to Pipe Apple Blossoms

    This 5-petal springtime flower, most commonly seen in white or soft pink, is virtually the same petal shape as the wild rose, but uses a smaller tip creating a petite flower. The dot stamen are typically positioned like the holes in a 5-hole button. Dry them on flower formers for a more natural look.

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