Item# WLPROJ-1442

Elmo Birthday Cake

Item No. WLPROJ-1442
Prep Time
2 hr
Skill Level
Total Time
3 hr 30 min

Sweep the clouds away and create a fun birthday surprise for your kids with this Elmo Cake. Easy to decorate, this Sesame Street cake is simple enough for even the most novice of decorators to make. Best of all, the Sesame Street Elmo Cake Pan outlines all of Elmo's features for you, so decorating this cute character cake is just as easy as coloring in a coloring book!



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  • Notes:

    • Cake Mold Details. Use a pastry brush to help spread the non-stick spray into the corners of the pan. This will sharpen the detailed outlines of the cake.
    • Cooling Cake To prevent cracking or breaking. Let the cake cook for about 2 hours before decorating.
    • Buttercream Consistencies.

      Stiff: Best for dimensional decorations that need to retain their shape when piped. This consistency is generally used for piping upright petals for flowers.

      Medium: Used for borders such as stars, dots, and shells, as well as other decorations that will remain relatively flat.
    • Thin: If you are making a buttercream intended for writing, use light corn syrup as your liquid. Writing will flow easily and won’t break.

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