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Easy Sugar Cookie Icing

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Item# WLRECIP-8752

Easy Sugar Cookie Icing

Item No. WLRECIP-8752
3 cups
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20 min
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20 min

Of all the types of cookie icing, our thinned royal icing recipe is perfect for covering and decorating cut-out sugar cookies. Also known as flow-in icing or flood icing, this recipe dries icing to a smooth finish. Unlike softer cookie icings, thinned royal icing is durable once it sets, making it ideal for flooding and decorating sugar cookies. This recipe makes for the perfect Christmas cookie icing and is easy enough for bakers of all ages.



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  • Electric mixer or handheld mixer
  • Large bowl
  • Spatula
  • Small spoon
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  • Notes:

    • Use grease-free tools:
      Make sure all tools and surfaces are grease-free or royal icing will not set properly.
    • Don't substitute out Meringue Powder:
      Meringue Powder is a must for this recipe. Do not substitute with raw egg whites (they can be a food safety issue) or dried egg whites. Neither option will produce the same results as Meringue Powder. Using Meringue Powder also allows you to make the icing up to two weeks in advance, and allows you to store cookies at room temperature without any of the safety concerns.
    • Sift your powdered sugar:
      Powdered sugar tends to clump, so sifting it before making your icing allows for a smooth icing finish.
    • Avoid overbeating:
      Do not overbeat the royal icing base. This will incorporate too much air, which will create bubbles and a foamy texture that will crack when it dries. Vigorous stirring will also create air bubbles.
    • Gradually add water:
      More water may be needed than recommended in the recipe. Start with the recommended amounts and gradually add small drops at a time until you get the proper consistency. A clean medicine dropper can be used to add water slowly and carefully.
    • To remove air bubbles:
      Let cookie icing sit for 15 minutes to an hour to let air bubbles rise naturally. Cover the bowl with a damp rag to avoid drying out the icing. Alternately, tap the bowl on the table several times to force the air bubbles up. Gently stir the top surface to release the air bubbles.
    • Cover your bowl and piping bags when not in use:
      The icing dries quickly, so cover your tools with a damp towel when not in use.
    • Use a flat spatula:
      Flat surfaces keep air pockets from forming, so using a flat spatula to stir your icing will help keep it smooth.
    • To speed up the drying process:
      Cookie icing may take up to 2 hours to dry. To speed up the drying process, place the iced treats in front of a fan until the icing dries.
    • To store:
      Store for up to 2 weeks in an airtight container at room temperature. Re-whip icing to bring back to desired consistency.

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