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Basic Cake Pops Recipe

Item No. WLRECIP-376
Prep Time
30 min
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Total Time
4 hr 45 min

This simple recipe is perfect for making cake pops in all shapes and sizes. Cake pops are great edible party favors for birthday parties, baby showers and special occasions, and can be easily customized using Candy Melts candy and colorful sprinkles. Package them in gift bags to hand out as gifts or display them in a glass for a fun decorative snack that everyone will love. Using both cake mix and pudding mix, this homemade cake pop recipe is ultra-moist and easy to make.



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  • Notes:

    To create the same size cake pops every time, use a cookie scooper and roll the mixture to form the cake balls. Use a tall and deep bowl or cup, like the Ceramic Candy Melting Bowls, to dip your cake pops in Candy Melts. This way the pops can be completely submerged.

    How To

    Busy Bee Donut Pops
    Busy Bee Donut Pops

    If you're busy as a bee and don't have time to make cake pops for your party, never fear! Use store-bought donut holes instead! These adorable Busy Bee Donut Pops are great for baby showers or birthdays and all you need to do is dip and decorate. Serve them on a platter or package them with a little bow to hand out as party favors.

    Sprinkled Succulent Cake Pops
    Sprinkled Succulent Cake Pops

    Create a tasty garden of Eatin' with these Sprinkled Succulent Cake Pops. Made using our tasty Basic Cake Pop Recipe, as well as Dark Green Candy Melts candy, these cake pops can be shaped to look like all your favorite succulents and cacti. Use fondant to add a little flower to each treat and arrange them in pails filled with coffee beans or jelly beans for a fun presentation.

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