How to Make Zigzag Icicles

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Step 1

Using a Tip 5 (or any small round tip) hold the bag at an angle against the eaves of the roof.

Step 2

Squeeze, moving the bag and tip in an up and down motion as you trace the eaves and edges of the roof.

Step 3

To end a section, stop pressure and pull tip away.

Step 4


  • The pressure on your bag determines the thickness of the line. Squeezing lightly will create thin zigzags and squeezing heavily will create thick zigzags.
  • For even zigzags, try to keep steady pressure throughout piping. For zigzags with tapered ends, use a lighter pressure to start, increase pressure as you move down towards the middle, and decrease pressure as you move up to end the section.
  • The movement of your arm determines the height of the waves and the distance between them. A tight up and down motion will create tight zigzags, and a relaxed motion will create a loose zig zag.

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