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Towering Tiers Stand Construction

Final cake assembly should be done at the cake's final location. Moving the cake once assembled is not recommended. Do not cut cakes directly on the stand; remove first from the stand. Prepare Cake Boards: Cake tiers will use the same size cake boards as cake. Each board will need a 1 1/2 in. diameter hole cut in the center to accommodate the center post of the stand. To do that, make a waxed paper pattern for each cake to be used. To find the exact center of the board, fold the pattern in half, and then again in half to make quarters. Snip the point of the paper to make a small center hole. Place a center column piece over the small hole and trace. Cut out the hole and test the size to make sure it fits over the column. Adjust if necessary. Place the pattern on the cake board, trace the hole and cut out. Test the size again to make sure the board fits over the column. Adjust if necessary. Save paper patterns for cake tiers.

Product Actions

Step 1:

Prepare Cake Tiers: Ice cake tiers and position on prepared cake boards (with holes). All cake tiers (except for the top tier) will need to have a center hole cut out. Using your waxed paper patterns from the cake boards, mark the center hole on the top of the cake. Using the Cake Corer Tool, gently push the corer into the center of the cake all the way to the bottom and twist a half turn. Keep the corer straight, remove it from the cake, leaving a hole in the center of the tier. Repeat for all the cake tiers.

Step 2:

Stand and Cake Assembly: Short center posts are ideal for cupcakes and small individual desserts. Tall center posts should be used for cake tiers up to 5 in. high. First, decide which plates and center columns will be used for the cake setup. The largest plate of the cake setup will be the base tier. For the 16 in. and 18 in. plates, assemble by sliding the half plate sections together and interlocking them on the plate support.

Step 3:

Use 14 in. plates or smaller as is.

Step 4:

Screw the base feet to the bottom of the base plate. Place center post foot on the bottom of the plate or plate assembly (if using a 16 in. or 18 in. plate).

Step 5:

Place a center post section on the top of plate and screw into center post foot to secure. Once the base assembly is complete, add the first cake tier. Slide the base cake with board over the center post.

Step 6:

Place the next sized plate on the center post currently in place.

Step 7:

Attach another center post. Slide the next cake over center post onto plate. Continue until all tiers are in position.

Step 8:

For the top tier, add the top tier plate and screw on the top nut to the center post. Position top cake tier on the plate. To display cupcakes, first assemble the entire stand using the short posts and the desired number of plates. Start with the largest plate at the bottom and build up to the smallest plate. Position cupcakes on the stand.

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