Item# WLTECH-428

Towering Tiers Stand Construction

Item No. WLTECH-428
Skill Level

Final cake assembly should be done at the cake's final location. Moving the cake once assembled is not recommended. Do not cut cakes directly on the stand; remove first from the stand. Prepare Cake Boards: Cake tiers will use the same size cake boards as cake. Each board will need a 1 1/2 in. diameter hole cut in the center to accommodate the center post of the stand. To do that, make a waxed paper pattern for each cake to be used. To find the exact center of the board, fold the pattern in half, and then again in half to make quarters. Snip the point of the paper to make a small center hole. Place a center column piece over the small hole and trace. Cut out the hole and test the size to make sure it fits over the column. Adjust if necessary. Place the pattern on the cake board, trace the hole and cut out. Test the size again to make sure the board fits over the column. Adjust if necessary. Save paper patterns for cake tiers.





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