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The Joint is Jumpin' Cake

Big parties call for a big cake! This crowd-pleasing layered cake will treat over 40 guests to some Halloween goodies.
Makes: Cake serves 42.
Skill Level: None

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Step 1

In advance, tint 1/2 cup candy black by mixing melted candy and equal amounts of blue and red candy colors.

Step 2

Reserve 1/4 cup white and tint remainder grey using a small amount of black. Mold 20 tombstones; refrigerate until firm.

Step 3

For fence pieces: Cut licorice twists into three 11/2 in. pieces and one 2 in. piece. On waxed paper, lay 3 pieces flat and with melted black candy in cut disposable bag, pipe a line of candy on the 2 in. piece.

Step 4

Position 2 in. licorice piece across three 11 1/2 in. pieces. Make 20 fence sets. Refrigerate until firm.

Step 5

Attach 13 each black and orange glitter candles to lollipop sticks at a 90° angle using white melted candy. Refrigerate all until firm.

Step 6

Assemble Haunted House according to instructions using icing from kit. Use black royal icing for additional decorating.

Step 7

Pipe tip 3 outline and fill-in door, corners and windows. Pipe tip 3 string spider webs and dot stones around doors and windows. Pipe tip 6 bricks. Spatula ice the roof, add candy corn.

Step 8

Position chimney and pipe tip 3 zigzag at top. Position icing decorations. Set aside. Ice 2-layer 8 and 12 in. round tiers smooth and prepare for stacked construction.

Step 9

Also dowel rod top tier for house. Position separator plate on cake top, ice smooth. Using buttercream, pipe tip 4 bead top borders on both tiers. Figure pipe ghosts on cake sides using tips 11 and 3.

Step 10

Using tip 11, pip ball shape for head. Tuck tip into bottom of head and pull-out a curved body, tapering off the end by gradually decreasing pressure.

Step 11

Tuck tip into sides and pipe out-stretched arms. Add tip 3 dot eyes and mouth. Pipe eight on 12 in. tier and five on 8 in. tier.

Step 12

Insert lollipop sticks with candles into cake sides and pipe tip 11 hands around back of candle. Pipe tip 233 pull-out grass at bottom borders on both cakes.

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