The Golden Pumpkin Zoom

The Golden Pumpkin

Try the no carve halloween pumpking decorating trend. Gold Color Mist Food color spray instantly updates it and intricate icing design makes its uniqueness shine.
Skill Level: None

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Step 1
Clean and dry white pumpkin.
Step 2
Coat pumpkin with gold Color Mist™ food color spray. Let dry, about 5 minutes.
Step 3
Once completely dry, use white icing and decorating bag fitted with round tip 2 to pipe a unique design.
Step 4
Decorate closest to the stem first. Pipe a petal shape with two points at the end. Add a straight line of dots inside each.
Step 5
Decorate outer edge of stem design. Begin at the center of each petal, piping a straight line with a triangular point and continue piping to connect it to the next petal shape. Add 2 dots in the center.
Step 6
Decorate center. Pipe a line around the pumpkin and finish with a scallop design on top. Add a dot of icing to each scallop.
Step 7
Pipe a repeating arrow design below scallop border.
Step 8
Pipe a zigzag border. Add a dot of icing above and below each point.
Step 9
Pipe open rectangle pattern with a small gap every 3 shapes. Fill gap by piping an upside down triangle in between each pattern.
Step 10
Then, pipe a diagonal line from the bottom point of the upside down triangle. Connect diagonal line to the next upside down triangle to create a ?V.? Pipe dot border above and below ?V? shape.
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