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Step 1

Building the stagecoach will be easy if you follow the patterns and allow at least a week or two in advance for proper drying. The pattern pieces are clearly marked and keyed to fit together as you would a model airplane--you'll be attaching the gum paste pieces with hot glue.To assure that the glue will stick securely, wipe the prepared stagecoach pieces with a cloth to remove any cornstarch before assembling.

Step 2

First, glue pattern pieces to poster board and cut out (the additional thickness of poster board will reinforce the pattern). Set aside. Mix an entire can of gum paste, tinting half light ivory and leaving the remaining half white. Roll out ivory gum paste 1/8 in. thick and cut out stagecoach parts and wheels.

Step 3

Dry on flat surface that is lightly dusted with cornstarch. Dry pieces on one side for a day, then turn and dry for one more day. The pieces should be completely dry and hard.

Step 4

On the two coach side pieces, mark a guideline with a light pencil, following the dotted line on the pattern. This is the point where pieces should be attached. See pattern for stagecoach assembly instructions.

Step 5
Step 5

Lay one Coach Side Piece flat on table. Use hot glue to attach the following:

BOTTOM E side to Coach area E

BOTTOM BACK A side to Coach area A

BOTTOM FRONT F side to Coach area F

BOTTOM BACK B side to Coach area B

Step 6
Step 6

Next, attach piece I side at a right angle to top edge of B.

Step 7
Step 7

Attach H and J together at a right angle to form bench; let dry separately.

Step 8
Step 8

Attach G side to Coach area G; attach bench on top of G. Attach the other Coach Side, then attach top C.

Step 9
Step 9

Add fence pieces around inside of top edges of coach. Attach strips K, L & D to outside of coach.

Step 10
Step 10

Attach wheels. Using tip 2, pipe bead border and hearts on sides. Brush grated reddish-brown chalk/cornstarch mixture over stagecoach using vertical strokes.

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