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Spider Web Pumpkin

No carve pumpkin decorating ideas are taking center stage this Halloween. A drawn on optical illusion spider web design comes to life with points of visual interest, shiny black sugar pearls and a sparkling sugar bottom.
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Step 1
Use Foodwriter™ marker to draw pattern. Start with one side of the pumpkin. Draw dots 5 across and 5 down (less or more, depending on height and width of pumpkin) to create a grid. Continue dot pattern about 2/3 down the pumpkin.
Step 2
Start with your marker on the top of the first dot of the first vertical row and drag it down to the dot directly below it using an ?S? motion. Continue the ?S? motion moving from the ?tail? of your last ?S? into the beginning of the next until you complete your first row.
Step 3
Move to the second row of dots. Starting with the first dot in the second vertical row, drag your marker to the dot directly below it in a backwards ?S? motion. Repeat pattern moving from the end of one backwards ?S? to the beginning of the next until row is complete.
Step 4
Move to next section and repeat pattern, alternating from "S" to backwards "S."
Step 5
After you complete the grid pattern, connect the dots. Start with an ?S? row (not a backwards ?S? row). Draw a curved line pointing down, like a shallow ?U? shape to connect the first row to the next.
Step 6
Move to the next row and connect the dots by drawing a curved line pointing upwards. Continue alternating between rows, connect them with either an upwards or downwards facing curved line.

Hint: Make sure you start with a backwards ?S? row (not a regular ?S? row).

Step 7
To finish, place pumpkin over baking pan. Working in small sections, use piping gel and a decorating brush to trace the edge of the design and "paint" the bottom. While gel is still wet, coat with black sugar sprinkles. Repeat until bottom is covered in black sugar sprinkles.
Step 8
Add dots of piping gel to each point on the grid (the original grid dots) and attach black sugar pearls.
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