Santa’s Reindeer Live Here--Barn #1

Kids’ will be thrilled to decorate this gingerbread reindeer barn. Candy, icing, and fondant add the color and fun. The reindeer and sign icing decorations add the holiday magic. After all, when there are reindeer around, Santa is sure to be watching!
Skill Level: None

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Step 1

Make front door. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick. Cut to match size of embossed door area. Attach door to barn.

Step 2

Make front and side windows. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick. Cut windows. Attach to house.

Step 3

Decorate barn, door and windows. Use red icing to fill in shutter areas on sides of windows, pat smooth. Use red icing to pipe lines of icing to cover front, back and sides. Use white icing to outline door, windows and window shutters.

Step 4

Decorate barn front. Roll out candy and cut into thin strips and triangles. Attach above door to form wreath. Use red icing to pipe dots on wreath. Attach sign above window.

Step 5

Outline barn. Use white icing to pipe zigzags at corners of barn.

Step 6

Decorate roof. Use white icing to pipe snow randomly on roof and icicles on eaves. Attach candy.

Step 7

Decorate base. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick. Cut into random shapes. Cut candy in half. Use white icing and spatula to ice base. Attach fondant for pathway. Attach candy for bushes. Attach reindeer icing decorations, building up icing behind feet if needed.

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