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How to Make a Pulled Dot Roof

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Step 1

Start on the bottom edge of the roof panel. For evenly sized pulled dots, use a Food Writer or dots of icing to guide the placement and size of the dots.

Step 2

Using a tip 12 (or any medium sized round tip), hold the bag with the tip just slightly above the surface of the roof panel.

Step 3

Squeeze the bag to form a dot. As the icing begins to build up, raise the tip with it while keeping the tip point slightly buried in the icing. To end, stop pressure and pull tip away.

Step 4

Pipe a row of evenly sized dots to cover the bottom edge.

Step 5

Place the edge of an Angled Spatula on the center of dot and pull upwards towards the peak of the roof. Repeat on other dots until the row is completed

Step 6

Pipe a new row of dots, covering the tail end of the previous row. Repeat pulling dots with spatula. Repeat this step until the roof is covered.

Step 7


  • Try this technique using smaller dots. For small dots, use a tapered spatula to pull.
  • The back of a spoon can also be used for making pulled dots
  • For a different look, try alternating colors or staggering the dots.

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