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Item# WLPROJ-728

Make ?Em Laugh! Candy Lollipops

Item No. WLPROJ-728
Each lollipop serves 1.

What kid doesn?t love a sweet candy lollipop? Fun for giving out as birthday party favors, these Make ?Em Laugh! Candy Lollipops are just as fun to make as they are to eat! Made using Candy Melts candy, these candy treats can sit out at room temperature without melting, so they?re great for decorating both indoors and out. Add a name or a date to the back of the lollipop for an added touch of personalization.




  • Cookie Sheet
  • Blossom Nesting Metal Cutter Set
  • 6-Inch Cookie Sticks, 20-Count
  • Candy Melting Plate
  • Disposable Decorating Bags
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