Kiddie Carousel 3D Cake Zoom

Kiddie Carousel 3D Cake

Pretty pastels and chubby fondant babies accent this charming merry-go-round cake. Our Carousel Cake Display Set makes it easy to create this classic baby shower shape.
Makes: 20 Servings
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Step 1

Two to three days in advance: Prepare carousel horses, babies and canopy. Tint fondant: 20 oz. yellow; 8 each rose, blue, green, violet; 4 oz. copper. Reserve all excess fondant.

Step 2

For horses: Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick as needed. Cut fondant pieces and attach for horse mane, tail, saddle and harnesses; secure with Piping Gel. Trim away excess. Slide horses onto pillars at varied heights. Stand in craft block.

Step 3

For babies: Shape a 3/4 in. high pear-shaped torso. Roll a 5/8 in. ball for diaper. Indent top with large ball tool from tool set. Pinch to thin top edge to wrap around torso. Attach torso in diaper using damp brush. Use thick modeling stick to indent front of body where pole will go. Position body on horse. Use small dogbone tool to indent diaper where legs will go. Shape 1 x 1/4 in. legs. Bend and shape foot; cut slits for toes. Attach. Shape 1 1/4 x 1/4 in. arms. Bend and shape hand; cut slits for fingers. Attach. Roll 3/4 in. diameter ball head. Attach. Let dry. Use FoodWriter to draw dot eyes and smile. Roll out a small amount of copper and pink fondant; cut tiny circles for nose and cheeks using narrow end of tip 3; attach with damp brush.

Step 4

For canopy: Roll out yellow fondant 1/16 in. thick. Cut a 32 x 4 in. strip and wrap over outer edge. Secure with Piping Gel and smooth with fingers; cut away excess. Roll out rose, green, blue and violet 1/16 in. thick as needed. Use Cutter/Embosser fitted with ridged wheel to make lattice lines, 3/4 in. apart. Cut wedge shapes, 2 in each color, and attach to cover canopy roof sections. Use white fondant and Fabric Mold to make rick-rack trim. Attach over seams and on front edge. Cover top ball with green fondant; position in peak. Use Fabric Mold to make 2 large buttons in each color; attach.

Step 5

Also: Prepare and cover base board with 24 oz. fondant tinted green. Bake and cool 1-layer cake. Ice smooth. Position on prepared board.

Step 6

Roll out yellow and additional 8 oz. white to 1/8 in. thick as needed. Cut squares for cake sides using medium Cut-Out. Attach row of yellow squares tip to tip around center of cake side. Fill in with additional squares, trimming as needed to match height of cake.

Step 7

Use Fabric Mold to make small buttons, 14 each in rose, green, violet and blue. Attach at corners using Piping Gel dots.

Step 8

At party: Use canopy feet to mark position for pillars. Insert posts with pillars, horses and babies; position canopy.

* Combine Lemon Yellow with Golden Yellow for yellow shown.
* Combine Violet with Rose for violet shown.

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