Estate Gingerbread House Zoom

Estate-Sized Gingerbread Manor #2

When your Gingerbread expectations are big ones, this estate-sized manor will fulfill your wishes. Five types of candy, three colors of icing, yellow fondant and gingerbread kid cookies make this gingerbread kit experience the biggest and the best!
Skill Level: Intermediate

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Step 1

Make front door. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick. Cut to match size of embossed door area. Attach door to barn. Use white icing to outline door.

Step 2

Make front doors. Use white icing to outline and fill in doors. Pat smooth. Roll out candy and cut into two windows. Attach. Use white icing to outline windows. Use edge of spatula to imprint separation between doors. Use red icing to pipe beads around doors. Attach candy for doorknob.

Step 3

Make all windows. Roll out fondant to 3/16 in. thick. Cut out windows to match embossed areas. Attach to manor. Use white icing to outline windows and windowpanes. Use green icing to pipe scallops under windows. Use red icing to pipe dots on scallops.

Step 4

Decorate front and sides of house. Attach candy for wreaths under eaves.

Step 5

Outline house. Use white icing to pipe zigzags at corners of manor.

Step 6

Decorate roof. Use white icing and pipe dots in corners of shingles. Pipe line of icing on roof peak. Attach candy. Pipe lines of icing along front and back eaves and attach candy.

Step 7

Decorate base. Use spatula and icing to ice base. Attach candy for walkway and trees.

Step 8

Decorate cookies. Girl cookie- use white icing to outline cookie and pipe zigzag trim and follow imprints on cookie to make eyes and mouth. Boy cookie--Use red and green icings to pipe zigzag and dot trim. Attach candy for bowtie. Use white icing to pipe dot eyes and outline mouth.

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