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Great Expectations Gingerbread Manor #1

When your Gingerbread expectations are big ones, this estate-sized manor will fulfill your wishes. Four types of candy, three colors of icing, yellow fondant and gingerbread kid cookies make this gingerbread kit experience the biggest and the best!
Skill Level: Beginner

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Step 1

Make front doors. Use red tube icing to fill in door. Use spatula to ice smooth; use edge of spatula to score line down center of door. Use one of each color spice drops and cut into small pieces; roll in granulated sugar to form one piece. Cut to size for windows and attach to door. Use icing to outline windows and pipe dot doorknobs.

Step 2

Make all windows. Roll out fondant 1/16 in. thick and cut to size for front and side windows. Use icing to outline and pipe windowpanes. For back windows, fill in windows with icing and pat smooth. Outline windows and windowpanes.

Step 3

Decorate house peaks. Use green tube icing to pipe scroll and filigree trim. Attach candy.

Step 4

Decorate roof. Begin at the bottom left of each roof panel. Use icing to pipe a L-shaped line on one shingle, use spatula to drag icing to the right. Complete main roof front and back, then work front peak, pulling icing forward. Pipe line of icing on roof peak and attach candy.

Step 5

Make pine trim. Roll out six spearmint leaves in granulated sugar, rough cut into ½ in. strips. Toss in bowl of granulated sugar; strain to remove excess sugar once all pieces are cut.

Step 6

Attach pine trim. Outline door with a heavy line of icing. Begin at the bottom of one door panel, attach pine pieces, working up and around to top of door. Follow the same process to add trim to eaves.

Step 7

Decorate base. Use spatula and icing to ice base. Attach candy for trees.

Step 8

Decorate cookies. Use icing to outline details and facial features. Attach candy for eyes and buttons.

Step 9

Gingerbread Kit used: Gingerbread Manor Kit 2104-6824

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