How to Make Snow Drifts

Skill Level: Beginner

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Step 1

Working one side at a time, use an Angled Spatula to place a dollop of icing on the desired section of a roof panel. Alternately, if using and icing pouch from a kit, pipe the outline of the snow drift and fill-in with icing.

Step 2

With a back-and-forth motion, spread icing to cover the section. Remove any excess icing from spatula.

Step 3

For a natural, fluffy look, pull spatula over icing in short strokes to create texture.

Step 4

For a smooth look, run the spatula lightly over the icing in the same direction, blending for an even look.

Step 5


  • The back of a spoon can also be used for creating a fluffy look for snow drifts.
  • For an extra snowy look, let the snowdrifts extend to the eaves of the roof.
  • To create a sparkly look, sprinkle snowdrifts with White Sparkling Sugar.

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