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Fancy Gingerbread Cookie House #2

Flip a traditional gingerbread house design into an upgraded model! It is great fun for the DIY decorator, as Wilton provides the ideas, techniques, and ingredients to create this cookie house upgrade. Decorate this festive cookie house kit at your next girl’s night out or family party.
Makes: 1
Skill Level: Intermediate

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Step 1

Make front door. Roll out fondant to 1/16 in. thick and cut into arched door. Use toothpick to mark wood grain pattern on door. Cut two fondant strips and use toothpick to mark wood grain pattern. Attach to door for cross bars. Attach door to house. Use white icing to outline door. Attach candy to sides of door and for doorknob.

Step 2

Decorate house front. Use white icing to outline and fill in clock face. Pat smooth. Cut small strips of fondant for clock hands and attach to clock face. Use red icing to outline clock face. Attach candy around clock face and on each side of clock. Roll fondant into two ¼ in. dia. logs and attach to front of house following shape of the sides of the house.

Step 3

Make side and back windows. Use white icing to outline and fill in windows. Pat smooth. Use red icing to pipe lattice on windows. Use white icing to outline windows and pipe icicles underneath windows. Roll out fondant to 1/16 in. thick and cut two shutters, 1 ½ in. x ½ in., trimming tops into half arch. Use toothpick to mark wood grain. Attach shutters and candy above to windows.

Step 4

Outline house. Use icing to pipe lines under eaves of house.

Step 5

Decorate roof. Use red icing. Begin at the bottom and pipe a row of loops across roof. Overlap each row slightly. Use white icing to pipe snow on roof peak and attach candy. Attach candy to front roof eaves. Use white icing to pipe snow with icicles.

Step 6

Decorate base. Use spatula and white icing to ice base. Attach candy for pathway.

Do you have everything you need to get started?
Techniques Used

Easy-to-complete technique combines using a bag and tip to pipe icing dots and then using the blade of a spatula to pull out one edge. This technique can cover small and large areas with stunning results.

The Zigzag is a popular way to fill in outlined areas, perfect for ribbed sweater and cuff effects. You can also use tight zigzags to cover the entire side of your cake—they look great!

Characters or designs are often outlined first, then piped in with stars or zigzags. Outlines can also be used for facial features.

Combine outlines and curls into icing swirls to add an impressive look with minimal effort. Swirls are the perfect technique to cover large areas such as gingerbread house roofs and cake tops.

An iconic decorative symbol representing European royal coat of arms. The swirled shells of Fleur de Lis represent a stylized lily.

There's no need to have a plain gingerbread house roof if you have a spatula on hand. Many different textures can be created by using a spatula to make a look of fallen snow, shingles and stucco.

Discover how adding a simple icing technique--a “C “-motion to icing outlines will highlight your decorating with fun and flair.

The star tip creates the most celebrated, easily accomplished decorations! The pull-out star technique can be used for fun, furry creatures, or for textured hair for your cakes.

Perfect for classic borders or cloudlike decorations, dots are a versatile technique that can be piped in a range of sizes. The dot technique can be used as a simple border for cakes and cookies, as well as for icing cupcakes or piping meringues.

The drop string is traditionally used as decoration on the sides of the cake and is the basis of more ornate string work. Called a "drop" string because the line of piped icing is allowed to "drop" or fall, by itself, before reattaching it to your cake. Pipe a row of single strings or multiple strings in rows of two or three.

The bead shape makes impressive borders outlines and accents on letters and designs; also a cute trim on clothing and gingerbread houses. The basis for making piped hearts and figure piping.

Icicles capture the magical moment of snow falling and gracefully trailing down a winter cottage. Add this magical look effect to roof edges, windowsills and trees.

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