Wedding Cake Toppers

Perhaps the term "cake topper" is too limiting. In today's weddings, the topper could pop up anywhere…alongside the cake, at each guest table, or even as part of the sweet table. A topper can convey the meaning of the day like few other decorations--so it makes perfect sense to use it in strategic locations at the reception.

Wedding toppers have come a long way from those used generations ago. Today's couples demand realism. Poses have become more natural, faces and gowns look less stiff and a more romantic attitude rules the day. Fortunately, materials such as porcelain, ceramic and resin, enable the designer to achieve amazing detail. Wilton is the leader in this fresh approach to the cake topper. With just a click, our on-line shop is ready to show you the widest selection of wedding topper styles available, featuring favorite themes such as flowers, hearts, rings and lovebirds, to coordinate with a multitude of cake designs.