Transporting Wedding Cakes

Moving a tiered cake from one location to another does not have to be difficult. In actuality, it can be quite easy! Following some simple guidelines ensures that your cake will arrive safely—whether you are traveling hundreds of miles or just a few.

Be certain the cake is constructed on a sturdy base made of three or more thicknesses of corrugated cardboard. Base tiers of very heavy cakes should be placed on a fiberboard or plywood base, 1/2 in. thick.

Cakes on pillars must be transported unassembled. Toppers, candles and ornaments should be removed from cakes when they are being moved.

For stacked cakes, move the entire assembled cake. Or, for a larger quantity of tiers, transport unassembled and assemble at the reception. Be sure to have with you the equipment and icings you will need to finish any decorating needed after assembly at the reception.

For a combination cake, take tiers apart, keeping stacked tiers as units. Boxing the cake makes transportation easier. Not only does it protect the tiers from damage, but it keeps the tiers clean–free from dirt, dust and bugs. Place the boxes on carpet foam or a non-skid mat on a level surface in the vehicle to prevent shifting. Keep the boxes flat; never place on a car seat. Boxed cakes can also be transported in the trunk of the car, except in hot weather, because air conditioning will not reach the trunk area.

At the destination, request a cart on wheels to move the cake into the reception area. This is easier and safer than carrying by hand. Remove the cakes from the boxes on the reception table by cutting the sides of the boxes and sliding the cakes out. Bring along a repair kit—extra icing, prepared decorating bags and tips, flowers, spatulas—just in case it is necessary to make any repairs.

Take tiers apart if constructed in Center Column or Push-in Leg method. Leave columns or legs in place. Position the plates on crumpled foil or in shallow pans if they do not sit level. Remove pillars from tier plates; plates stay in position.

If tiers cannot be boxed, they can be transported on large pieces of foam. Place the foam on the floor of the vehicle, then carefully place the tiers centered on each piece of foam.

Place the cakes in clean, covered, sturdy boxes that are sized to the base board of each cake. This will prevent the cake from shifting within the box and possibly crushing the sides of the cake. If the box is too big, roll pieces of masking tape sticky side out and attach to the inside bottom of the box. Position the cake base on top of the tape. The tape will hold the base in place within the box. For boxes which must hold taller decorations, prop up top and sides and secure with masking tape.