Preparing The Cupcake Pan

Cupcakes are traditionally bakes in a paper or foil baking cup for neat and stylish serving and a moist texture. You can also bake right in muffin pan cavities without a cup.

Baking With Cups

For perfectly shaped cupcakes, place your cups in muffin pan cavities. Baking in cups on a cookie sheet may create uneven shapes. Be sure to spread cups evenly in pan cavities and check that cups are level before filling. You don't need to spray the pan or your baking cups with vegetable pan spray—cups are pleated to prevent sticking.

When using foil cups, remove paper liners, if included, before filling and baking. The liners are included to help separate the thin foil cups in the package.

Baking Without Cups

Even non-stick pans must be prepared before baking. Prepare pan cavities by spraying with Wilton Bake Easy! non-stick spray or non-stick vegetable pan spray. You can also brush cavities with Wilton Cake Release pan coating, or coat with vegetable shortening and flour for perfect release without sticking.

TIP: For even heating and a rich, golden color, Wilton recommends baking cupcakes in aluminum muffin pans. If you choose to bake without a baking cup, consider our non-stick muffin pans for easy cleanup. We have aluminum and non-stick aluminum pans in standard, mini and jumbo sizes.