Cake Stands

To many decorators, cake stands stand for simplicity, security and style. When time is at a premium before the party, there is nothing like being able to simply place your cake on a plate and position it on a strong, beautiful cake stand.

There is a stand style for every type of cake, from classic to contemporary. You will find designs that are ideally suited to floral treatments, with elegant scrolls to accent flowers and greenery with a garden look. Other styles add their own dramatic look with space for candles or with plates suspended from a back bar to create a floating look between tiers. You will just need to be sure that your cake design will fit the plates which the stand is designed to hold—or that your design can be adapted. As a rule, your cake should be 1 or 2 inches smaller than the plate it rests on.

Assembly requirements vary with each stand. For some tiered stands, the frame will need to be attached with included hardware. For other stands, it’s simply a matter of linking the pieces of the frame together, then inserting the plates. If you do a lot of decorating, you may want to consider a stand that will be versatile enough to display a wide variety of cakes. Look for a design that is easy to assemble, take apart and store.