Cake Carriers

The ideal cake carrier has a tall lid that locks securely into its base and a comfortable handle that you can grip firmly to prevent jostling the cake. Today’s carriers are also designed with a base that makes an attractive place to serve the cake at the party. For round cakes, a good standard size is a caddy that will hold cakes up to 10 in. diameter. Rectangular caddies are available for sheet cakes up to 9 x 13 in. Some caddies come with inserts you can use for cupcakes and muffins.

Most caddies should be tall enough to use for decorated cakes. Even if your cake features roses, stand-up flowers or other tall decorations or toppers, the lid can usually accommodate it without damage. If you are in doubt, measure the cake before placing in the carrier.

A cake carried in a caddy should always be placed on a cake board. If you are serving from the base, a board will protect the caddy when you cut the cake.