Assembling a Mini Gingerbread Village

Get ready to have so much fun decorating our Pre-baked Gingerbread Mini Village. But before you begin, you?ll want to assemble the houses at least 2 hours in advance so they have enough to set.
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Step 1

Now, let?s assemble the houses:

First, you?ll notice that there are four houses, two of which are the same. Included in kit is: One A-Frame House, One Slanted-Roof House and Two Classic Cottages.

As you assemble the houses, it will be helpful to refer to the fully assembled illustration. To separate the pieces for each house, use a paring knife to score the lines and then gently break apart.

Step 2


Panels include: A. Front panel. B. Two sidewall roof panels. A. Back panel.

1. Attach A (front panel) to inside of one of the B?s (side wall/roof panel) toward the front with a line icing.
2. Attach second A (back panel) to the opposite side of attached B (side wall/roof panel) with line of icing.
3. Attach second B (side wall/roof panel) to both edges of A panels with a line of icing.
Step 3


Panels include: A. Front right side panel. A. Front left side panel. B. Back short panel. B. Tall front panel. C. Roof panel.

1. Attach A (front right side panel) to B (back short panel) with a line of icing at edges.
2. Attach second A (front left side panel) to other side of B (back short panel) with a line of icing at edges.
3. Attach second B (front tall panel) to front of house, attaching on edges to both sides of assembled A panels? ends with a line of icing.
4. Attach C (roof) with lines icing.
Step 4


Both cottages assemble the same. Panels include: A. Front left panel. A. Back right panel. B. Two tall side panels. C. Two roof panels.

1. Attach A (front left panel) to inside of B (tall side panel) with a line of icing.
2. Attach A (back right panel) to inside of B (tall side panel) with a line of icing.
3. Attach B (short side panel) to A (panel ends) with a line of icing
4. Attach C (roof) panel to house with icing.
Step 5

Now decorate according to instruction sheet.

For additional gingerbread decorating assistance, see our gingerbread assembly and decorating techniques.

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