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Item# WLPROJ-4794

Adorable Ariel Cake

Item No. WLPROJ-4794
Cake makes 12.
Skill Level

?Life is the bubbles!? under the sea, and with this Adorable Ariel Cake, you can create a magical undersea adventure right here on land! Baked in the Ariel Cake Pan, this cartoon cake is great for little girls who dream of mermaid adventures. Decorate the base of your cake with edible candy seashells and create a cartoon birthday cake that?s worthy of a celebration! Make sure you have enough dinglehoppers for all the party guests!



  • Disney Princess Ariel Icing Color Set
  • Violet Icing Color
  • Red (no-taste) Icing Color
  • Sky Blue Icing Color
  • Rose Icing Color
  • Lemon Yellow Icing Color
  • Black Icing Color
  • Royal Blue Icing Color
  • Kelly Green Icing Color
  • Leaf Green Icing Color
  • White Candy Melts?? Candy
  • Candy Decorating Primary Colors Set, 1 oz.
  • Garden Candy Color Set
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • granulated brown sugar


  • Disney Ariel Cake Pan for The Little Mermaid Cake
  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 3
  • Standard Round Tip 6
  • Open Star Decorating Tip 14 Carded
  • Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 16
  • Leaf Cake Decorating Tip 352
  • Seashells Candy Mold, 11-Cavity
  • Cake Boards
  • Fanci-Foil Wrap
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Marbling Candy Melts
How to Marble Candy Melts

Add some richness to your boxed assortments by including some luxurious swirled colors.

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