• Jobs Landing Page
    Jobs Landing Page
    <Welcome to Commerce Cloud! At Commerce Cloud we recognize all success starts with people. At Commerce Cloud we value individuals who are passionate about delivering a strong product and services to all of our customers. At Commerce Cloud we will provide you with an opportunity to work in an employee-friendly environment as well as improve Commerce Cloud's offering and services to our customers. The possibilities are endless, not to mention the extensive benefits package, training and development opportunities along with discounts for all of our employees.
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  • About Us
    About Us
    <It all started with a series of observations: eCommerce merchandising and marketing innovation is what generates revenue, yet most operations are spending 80% of their budgets simply maintaining current infrastructure. The pace of ecommerce accelerates daily, but most operations are scrambling only to stand still. Merchandisers and marketers are supremely frustrated, spending more time chasing outsourced providers and internal IT organizations than actually merchandising and marketing their own businesses. There had to be a better way...
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  • Instyle
    <As Seen in Style Magazine including Women's Margherite Cable Handbag
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  • People
    <As Seen in People including Women's Essential Twill Chino
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  • Our Story
    Our Story
    <With Commerce Cloud eCommerce, our customers are spending more time leading with merchandising and marketing. They're in complete control over their site, making changes and launching new storefronts whenever they like. They're spending more time developing their own proprietary innovations (versus building commodity functionality). They receive new software upgrades from Commerce Cloud continuously. And they never ever worry about site uptime, availability and security!
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