Wilton Baking Expert - Sonya Gray 

Sonya Gray is our consultant baking expert here at Wilton UK and has worked with us for many years.  She is the font of all knowledge when it comes to 'baking basic's' and will be highlighting how you can get the best results from your bakes at home.

Tip 1 - How to get a light and airy sponge

So we all saw on ~GBBO this week the contestants having trouble with their sponges.  The trick is getting as much air into the batter as possible and then keeping it there when you add the flour.

Practice with our Classic Victoria Sponge Recipe


225g unsalted butter, softened
225g self raising flour
225g caster sugar                                                                         
4 large free range eggs
1 tsp Wilton Clear Vanilla Extract
Wilton Bake Easy spray
2 x 8inch sponge pans

Filling Ingredients 

300ml fresh whipping cream 
Good quality Strawberry or Raspberry Jam
Icing sugar for dusting


Firstly mix together the butter and sugar until lighter in colour and creamy in consistency. Add any flavouring such as vanilla extract.

Slowly add your beaten eggs until all combined.

Sift your flour into a separate bowl to get lots of air into it and then slowly and carefully fold into the butter mixture. 

Spray your baking tins with Wilton Bake Easy Spray

Pour into your tin and bake at 180 degrees C for approx 20 mins until the surface is light and springy and the cake is coming away from the tin at the edges.

Place one layer of the cake into the serving plate. Spread a good layer of jam onto the cake using a Wilton Palate Knife

Spread a layer of whipped cream on top, according to taste. Carefully place the second layer on top of the cream using a Wilton Cake Lifter

Sift some icing sugar over the top to decorate

Tip: Place a stencil or 'doily' onto of the cake before sifting the icing sugar on. Gently remove to give a pretty finish.

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