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Wilton Dyeable Products

Don't Want An All White Wedding?

Why not add color to your favors, decorations, and other accessories to bring personality and style to your event?

What to use when dyeing Wilton products

For items that will touch food:

An easy and safe alternative is right at your fingertips: Wilton Icing Colors. We have full instructions with Helpful Hints below.

For items that do not touch food:

If the item will not be touching food, then feel free to use your favorite fabric dye that is readily available at your local retailer. We have specific product recommendations as well as Helpful Hints when using fabric dye. Some of the more general tips that we can offer are:

  • Follow directions on fabric dye package
  • We recommend using the tap water method (from the fabric dye package)
  • It is not necessary to pre-wash items
  • Agitating the items is not recommended

You will need:


Step 1

Heat water on stovetop or microwave to 180 degrees. Mix in Wilton icing color of your choice. A very light version of that color will result; deep jewel tone colors cannot be created with this technique.

Step 2

Immerse favor item in water for 1–2 minutes. Multiple items can be tinted at the same time. When tinting large quantities, remember to keep your water at the 180-degree temperature. If cooling occurs, you can reheat the tinted water. With slotted spoon, remove tinted items from water and allow excess liquid to drain. Lay on paper towels or newspaper.

Step 3

After drying (approximately 2 minutes), wipe off excess color and spots with paper towel.

Recommended items for tinting:

What to dye?

Here are our recommendations based upon testing that we have performed.

Wilton Product Helpful Hints!
White Tulle Circles  
White Small Drawstring Sachet Ribbon picks up a lot of color
Fillable Heart Ribbon picks up a lot of color
Champagne Glasses  
Large Pearl Bead 6mm 5yd  
Small Pearl Bead 4mm 5yds  
Mini Candles Favor Kit* Only ribbon will pick up color
Goblet Mega Favor Kit  
Heart Mega Favor Kit  
Satin Strip Favor Band* Dip quickly
White Shaping Leaves* Dip quickly

Dyeable Décor

Wilton Product Helpful Hints!
Organza Pull-N-Full™ Bows* Ribbon picks up a lot of color
Satin Pull-N-Fluff™ Bows* Ribbon picks up a lot of color
Satin Chair Wrap*  
Organza Beaded Chair Wrap* Ribbon picks up a lot of color
Satin Chair Cover* Edge picks up more color
Sparkling Ice Table Decor  
Tulle Spool* Long drying time
Circle Of Love Wreath* Longer dyeing time required
Flowering Heart* Longer dyeing time required

Dyeable Wearable

Wilton Product Helpful Hints!
Adult Long Satin Gloves* Picks up color quickly
Adult Short Satin Gloves* Picks up color quickly
Small Gloves* Picks up color quickly
Keepsake White Garter* Picks up color quickly
Tossing White Garter*  

Dyeable Wedding Day Accessories

Wilton Product Helpful Hints!
French Rose Wedding Bouquet* To color only ribbon, hold the bouquet at the top and dip starting with the stems
White Lace Bouquet Collar*  
White Organza Bouquet Collar*  
Flower Basket*  
Silver Candleholder Set* Will color ribbon only, dip entire holder quickly

*Indicates item tested with fabric dye only