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The Violet is an ideal “filler” flower. Use it to give an abundant look to all kinds of floral cakes. It looks beautiful in white and yellow as well as violet.

4.7 Average of 21 ratings

Difficulty: Easy
Average of 15 reviews


Step 1

Decorate with: Tip 59s (right-hand) or tip 101s (left-hand) for petals, tip 1 for center dots and medium consistency royal icing. Use flower nail no. 7 and violet template from flower nail templates set covered with pre-cut icing flower square. Hold bag at a 45° angle with tip lightly touching surface.

Step 2

Squeeze with light pressure, move tip out slightly as you spin the nail to form first bottom petal. Relax pressure as you move tip back to starting point. Stop, lift away.

Step 3

Repeat to make two more bottom petals.

Step 4

Make one shorter rounded top petal. Repeat to make the second top petal.

Step 5

Add two center dots.

Step 6

Hint: These petite flowers are great for cupcakes. Gather them on an icing mound to create a center bouquet with all the elegance you could want.