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A can’t-miss baby shower accent, the Stork is fun to figure pipe on a lollipop stick. You’ll need to start a few days in advance to dry one side, then turn over to pipe the 3-D body.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

For Standing Storks, secure lollipop stick on waxed paper-covered surface with a tip 3 dot of royal icing. Pipe tip 12 ball head and tip 2A bead body. Position 1 in. length of lollipop stick for beak into head. Pipe tip 5 outline pull-out wings. Let dry overnight.

Step 2

Use spatula to release stork from waxed paper; turn over and repeat same process on other side to create a full 3-D figure; let dry. Pipe tip 3 pull-out tail.

Step 3

Use tip 12 and light green icing to pipe ball hat with tip 3 brim. Add tip 2 dot eyes. Insert lollipop stick "beak" into bag fitted with tip 8; squeeze icing and pull out. Cover legs with tip 5; add tip 3 outline feet. For Stork in "take-off" position (shown on p. 79 in 2005 Yearbook), follow Standing Stork directions, except use tip 5 to pipe pull-out wings separately on waxed paper and let dry overnight. Attach wings to body with royal icing; hold in position with tissue or foam and let dry.