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Step 1

Make a 1/4 in. hook on end of 6 in. long 24-gauge wire. Roll a 1/2 in. ball of gum paste into a teardrop shape. Pinch and flatten wide end into a golf tee shape. Place, tee side down, on smooth surface lightly coated with shortening. Roll out top of tee with modeling stick to the diameter of calyx cutter from Floral Collection Flower Making Set.

Step 2

Center cutter over tee and cut stephanotis. If flower sticks in cutter, push out gently with modeling stick.

Step 3

Hold stephanotis base between thumb and forefinger. Insert pointed end of modeling stick into center of flower. Rotate stick in a circular motion to widen the center.

Step 4

Make center vein on each petal, scoring with small veining tool from flower center to petal point. Brush wire, 1 in. down from top hook end with adhesive. Push bottom of wire through top of flower, slide down until hook is positioned halfway into flower. Pinch base of flower to adhere to wire.