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Ruffled Ribbon Rose with Sugar Sheets

This flower will charm everyone, with its intricate gathered layers of petals. You’d never think it was so easy to make, but thanks to Sugar Sheets!, rolling and pinching each layer is a breeze!


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Cut a strip to size listed in your project instructions using Rotary Cutter. Here we've used 1 x 8 in. strips. Brush bottom edge with piping gel.

Step 2

Begin rolling from one end, gently gathering and pinching bottom edge.

Step 3

Continue wrapping more loosely as you go.

Step 4

You can stop with a small flower using one strip…

Step 5

Or create a larger flower by adding a second strip. Brush end of strip to attach to original flower and continue wrapping loosely and pinching bottom edge as before.

Step 6

Your flower is ready!