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The rosette has the tight, swirling look of a rose, but is achieved in one continuous rotation, rather than with wrapped layers of petals. Single rosettes are also used as candleholders on top of a cupcake.

4.7 Average of 55 ratings

Difficulty: Easy
Average of 38 reviews


Step 1

Decorate with: Star tip 16 and medium consistency icing. Hold bag at 90° straight up with tip slightly above surface.

Step 2

Squeeze out icing to form a star. Without releasing pressure, raise tip slightly as you drop a line of icing on top of the star in a tight, complete rotation.

Begin at 9:00 (3:00 for lefties), move to 12:00, then 3:00 (9:00 for lefties) and continue to 6:00.

Step 3

Stop pressure at 6:00 but continue to move the tip back to the starting point to make a complete rotation.

Step 4

Pull tip away, continuing the circular motion so that the tail maintains the circular shape of the rosette. For a rosette border, pipe a line of uniform rosettes, touching one another.

Step 5

Hint: Rosettes can be used in place of piped roses on the side of your cupcake—for the effect of a rose without the work. Try finishing rosettes with a center star or dot.