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Rose Topper


Step 1

You will need 18 roses. (Make extras to allow for breakage.) Tint 16 oz. gum paste red. Make rose bases. Roll a 3/8 in. ball of gum paste into a teardrop shape, 1 1/4 in. high. Make a small hook at one end of a 5 in. wire, 20 gauge. Dip hook into Gum Paste Adhesive and insert halfway into bottom base. Insert wire in craft block and let dry 48 hours.

Step 2

Roll out gum paste 1/16 in. thick. For small roses, use tulip petal cutter from Flower Collection Set to cut 1 petal for each rose; cut petal into 3 separate petals.

Step 3

Place petals horizontally on thin foam dusted with cornstarch. Soften top petal edge with large ball tool from Fondant/Gum Paste Tool Set .

Step 4

Brush back of petals from midpoint down with adhesive. Wrap petals around base to form bud for each rose.

Step 5

Cut another set of 3 petals to add to each base. Slightly widen and elongate each petal using modeling stick. Turn petals so the rounded end is the top of petal and the point is the bottom. Soften top petal edge with ball tool on thin foam. Turn petals over. Add adhesive to bottom half of petals; position and press onto rose base.

Step 6

Cut and attach a second row of 5 petals. Brush roses with non-toxic red pastel chalk grated through a tea strainer and let dry.

Step 7

For topper base, combine remaining red gum paste with enough fondant to form a 2 in. ball. Shape into a ball half 3 x 1 1/2 in. high. Attach base to 6 in. cake circle covered with waxed paper. Insert roses in base, trimming wires as needed.