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Buttercream Rope

A technique for finishing piped baskets with textured edging and handles. Perfect for western or nautical themed cakes.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Fit decorating bag with star decorating tip 18 and fill 1/2 full or less with medium consistency icing.

Step 2

Hold the decorating bag at a 45° angle at 4:30 (7:30 for left-handed decorators). The tip should be lightly touching the surface.

Step 3

Using a steady, even pressure, squeeze while moving the tip in a gentle sideways "S" curve.

Step 4

Stop pressure and pull tip away.

Step 5

Insert tip under the bottom curve of the "S" shape.

Step 6

Squeeze the bag with steady pressure as you pull out, then lift the tip. Move up and over the tail of the "S" as you continue to squeeze and form a hook.

Step 7

Keep spacing as even as possible and "S" curves uniform in thickness, length and overall size.

Step 8


Be sure to tuck the tip into the bottom curve of the previous "S" before you begin squeezing, to insure the clean, continuous look of a rope.

You can make a great looking rope with round or star tips. You can also use the basketweave tips, ridged or smooth side up.