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Ribbon Roses

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Difficulty: Somewhat Easy
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Step 1

Decorate with: Tip 104 using stiff consistency royal icing. Use flower nail no. 7 covered with pre-cut icing flower square. Hold bag at a 45° angle with wide end of tip lightly touching surface.

Step 2

Position bag so wide end of tip is down, narrow end slightly tilted in. Squeeze the bag as you rotate flower nail to create a tight center bud.

Step 3

Move narrow end straight up. Continue squeezing and turning nail.

Step 4

When rose is the size you want, stop pressure and lift tip away.

Step 5

Hint: These ribbon roses are straight-up spirals which show off deep ridged petal edges. You can create a taller ribbon rose by piping a heavy base of icing, then proceeding with the steps below.