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Pompom Flower

A fun, easy flower made with pull-out stars that looks good alone on an individual treat or grouped together in a complete cake design.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Using icing color, tint 1/4 of icing a darker and 3/4 a lighter shade of color.

Step 2

Fit one decorating bag with coupler and tip 12; fill 1/2 full or less with lighter shade of medium consistency icing. Fit second decorating bag with tip 16; fill 1/2 full or less with darker shade of icing.

Step 3

Secure rose template to flower nail. Using a dot of icing, attach icing flower square.

Step 4

Hold the decorating bag with tip 12 at a 90° angle to the flower nail with the tip 1/4 in. above the surface. Squeeze the decorating bag applying a steady, even pressure, holding the tip point slightly in the icing to pipe a dot the size of the larger circle of the template, or 1 in. diameter, to form the base. Stop squeezing, pull tip up and to the side, circling the dot to eliminate any point.

Step 5

Hold the decorating bag with tip 16 at a 90° angle to icing dot. Pipe a center pull-out star about 1/4 in. long; add a circle of 7 to 8 pull-out stars around the center star.

Step 6

Fit decorating bag with lighter shade of icing with tip 18. Hold the decorating bag at a 90° angle or slightly less to the bottom of the base. Pipe a row of pull-out stars about 3/8 in. long around the dot base. This first row is almost parallel to the flower nail base.

Step 7

Continue piping additional rows of tip 18 pull-out stars working up from the base. Stars should be placed between the stars of the previous row. Gradually move the decorating bag so that each row angles upward a little more than the row below it.

Step 8


The flower center pull-out stars are a little shorter than the outer petal area.

Pompom Flowers can be made several days ahead of time and air dried for easier handling.

Can be piped directly on a cupcake for a quick decoration.