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Pleated Fan with Sugar Sheets

If you love the texture that draped fondant brings to your cakes, try this easy Sugar Sheets! technique. Flexibility makes Sugar Sheets! a great material for creating deeply ridged decorations.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Cut Sugar Sheets! to desired size. Here, we've cut a 2 x 4 in. rectangle.

Step 2

Turn piece over and dust back side (shiny side) lightly with confectioners' sugar to prevent piece sticking to itself.

Step 3

Turn piece front side up. Begin to fold gently from one short side. On this piece, folds are 5/16 in. wide.

Step 4

Fold next section back in the opposite direction.

Step 5

Continue gently folding back and forth until full length is folded. Be careful not to press hard to prevent piece from cracking.

Step 6

Brush folds on front and back side (shiny side) of one end with damp brush.

Step 7

Pinch folds together to form fan shape.

Step 8

Attach pleated fans to bottom border of cake with piping gel.