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For proper spacing of Petunia petals, try this trick. Pipe tip 103 dots of icing on top of lily nail, dividing in 5ths. Visualize the points of a star. Pipe each petal centered over its dot.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

If yellow stamens are desired, tint stamens (except pearl) by brushing with Pearl Dust. Bag position: For petals (R), 45° at 3:00; for center, 90°. For petals (L), 45° at 9:00; for center, 90°. Hold tip: For petals, wide end touching surface with narrow end slightly lifted; for center star, slightly above flower. Line 1 5/8 inch lily nail with foil. Dot mark the edge of the nail into five sections with icing. To ensure the proper spacing of petals, try this trick: Pipe dots of icing with tip 103 on top of lily nail, dividing it in fifths-visualize the points of a star. Pipe each petal centered over its dot.

Step 2

Use tip 103. Insert tip into the cup of nail, position wide end of tip down. Squeeze inside the nail and move up to outer edge. Turn nail and jiggle tip to forma ruffle, releasing pressure as you bring tip back down inside nail to starting point. Stop squeezing, lift away.

Step 3

Repeat to make four more petals.

Step 4

Smooth bases of petals together at center of flower with a dampened decorator brush. Using light pressure, pipe tip 16 star in center.

Step 5

Insert five stamens in center, sprinkle with Cake Sparkles™.