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Delicate is the word for our Peony. Its whisper soft peach petals in gum paste and fondant, lightly ruffled and centered by a sunburst of stamens, make this a beautiful choice.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Combine 1 package of ready-to-use rolled fondant with 1 can of prepared gum paste; tint light yellow and a small amount of rose for peach show. Reserve 1/4 light yellow. Cut 1 of each size in each color using the 3 larger cutter sizes of the Blossom Nesting Cutter Set. Ruffle edges with sharpened dowel rod.

Step 2

Dust pans with cornstarch. Line mini muffin pans with cotton balls and place small blossoms in pan to dry. Dry large blossoms individually on back of the mini muffin pan.

Step 3

Roll small balls of white fondant for centers of small blossoms, roll yellow for centers of of large blossoms. Insert yellow stamens and attach to the smallest blossoms of each color with hot glue. Wipe off cornstarch and assemble the blossoms with hot glue, using 3 blossom sizes for each flower and 2 for each small.

Step 4

Make 5 stems: bend one end of the florist wire to form 1/4 inch hook.

Step 5

Roll a 3 in. ball of yellow fondant and tint green. Form cone-shaped base. Insert hooked end of wire into each fondant cone and place into craft block to dry. For large flowers, attach 3 groups of triple leaves with florist tape to flower stems. For small flowers, attach single leaves.

Step 6

Attach stems to flowers using hot glue.